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Learn About Our Printable Workout System in a Box!

SlimShuffleNeed to Lose Weight or Get In Shape? The SlimShuffle™ Gym is a FREE comprehensive full body workout system that has been designed to guide you through new workout routines each time you exercise – no equipment needed!

The SlimShuffle™ Gym package comes with 42 unique exercises that will sculpt and tone your body and Shuffle Surprise™ cards that mix up the pace and add fun to your workout. Using the SlimShuffle™ system is easy!


1. Shuffle Up the deck

2. Perform the exercises in sequence for 30 minutes or until the entire deck is completed; and
3. Do what the Shuffle Surprise™ card says when you find one!

Sounds simple right? Yes, it’s an easy and simple way to Get in Shape, Tone-up and Stay Healthy!


Print the cards and start working out – today!


Can I take a peek into The SlimShuffle™ Gym package?

Printable Exercise Cards

42 Unique Exercises

 SlimShuffle SlimShuffleSlimShuffle
SlimShuffle  SlimShuffleSlimShuffle
SlimShuffle SlimShuffle SlimShuffle

Can you tell me more?

The cards contain full color photos showing real demonstrations of exercises, as well as detailed instructions and personal trainer tips to take you through an intense and exhilarating workout.


The Shuffle™ system challenges your muscles each time you exercise to deliver the most effective fat burning workout. Incorporating features from HIIT, Stappers, Ladders and Tabatas, our Shuffle™ system and Shuffle Surprise™ elements work together to ensure your workouts change each time you exercise. Making each workout session fun and unique prevents your muscles from getting bored with a routine so that each session delivers an intense fat burning workout. With The SlimShuffle™ Gym, you will engage in a wide variety of strength training calisthenics, martial arts, boxing, aerobic and yoga inspired exercises that target your core, lower body, upper body and cardiovascular system. With just 30 minutes a day of The SlimShuffle™ Gym, you will see improvements in your abs, butt, legs, arms and overall fitness in just 2 weeks!





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